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'What Are We?'
New Project in Progress

Jess and Kayley, two queer bffs and unfortunately both bottoms, have a threesome with the top of their dreams and define their unorthodox relationship.


One Million Girls (2023)

One Million Girls is a sketch comedy series poking fun at various aspects of queer NYC life. Featuring sketches at places like Branded Saloon (a western themed Brooklyn gay bar), historic lesbian bar Gingers, and Queer Shark Tank, One Million Girls memorializes what it is to be gay and living in New York City right now. A series about finding shared connection and community among different types of people in the LGBTQ+ NYC scene. 

BRB (2022)

BRB is a queer comedic short taking place over the holidays, a time ripe for drinking mulled wine and revisiting childhood trauma. Emily, riddled with mommy issues, prepares to spend the holiday with Eileen’s family, but first they must attend their bosses’ stuffy Christmas party. To Emily’s surprise (delight?), a woman there reminds her of her mother. Eileen, insecure and desperate for validation, thinks of ways to appear likable to her coworkers, which ultimately leads to a strange confrontation. Together they help each other navigate the sometimes messy feelings that surround the holidays. 

Green Juice (2021)

Green Juice is a psychothriller that follows Cassie, a woman stuck in a monotonous life in Northern Maine with her apathetic boyfriend Brennan. When Brennan suggests she follows a social media influencer to better her attitude towards her life, Cassie becomes entranced by Hunter, a picture-perfect version of happiness and positivity. As Cassie tries in earnest to become more like Hunter, she starts to see her everywhere she goes. Is Cassie successfully manifesting a better life, or is she losing her grip on reality? Green Juice questions the outward image of happiness curated on social media, and whether or not such happiness is really as easy as drinking a green juice.